Perry Farrell Says He Learned Even From Snakes As He Shares The Wise Advice He Gave His Son


Jane Addiction’s Perry Farrell posted a tweet considering a piece of advice he gave to his son. After his previous tweets expressing his deep thoughts on his Twitter account, this time Farrell talked about how important it is to learn from anyone, including snakes.

As you might recall, Farrell had recently posted some tweets about celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s suicide which showed how deeply affected he was by Bourdain’s decision to end his life. His tweets also stated that he talked to an angel and continued by saying that suicide could be a choice.

Pouring his heart out after Bourdain’s death, Farrell tweeted on 20 July a speech he gave to his son. He advised him to be confident but not overconfident as that carries a risk of not being able to learn from the person you’re interacting with. He continued by stating the importance of being able to learn from everyone regardless of whether that person is good or bad or even a snake.

Farrell not only stressed the importance of getting to know a snake but he also stated that he studies ‘its movements’ resembling it to a human being. He went on to say that as our spines are created in a similar fashion, and thus, by studying the snakes we can find out more about the tensity in our bodies.

He stated:

“I told my son ‘It’s ok to think your great, I think I’m great but do not think that you are better than anyone. Because if you do, you run a risk. It is this: You’ll fail to learn from that person, and we can all learn something from one another. I even learn lessons from snakes.

I study the snakes’ movements. Our spines are created in a similar fashion. You can find out the tensity in your body by emulating the snake. It will make you a better lover…”

His fans mostly agreed with his advice about not being overly confident and some also stated that they have had experiences with ‘snakes’ that made them learn and grow for the better.

You can see his tweets below.