Perry Farrell Scares Jane’s Addiction Fans With His Message About Suicide

In a tweet he has posted on his Twitter, Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell has talked about suicide and depression, making his fans worried about him.

It is known that the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has ended his life of an apparent suicide on June 8, 2018. His past interviews hinted at his battle with the demons inside his head as he suffered from depression. Farrell was also deeply affected by Bourdain’s death at that time. After the chef’s death, he shared a series of tweets on his Twitter talking about depression and suicide and saying he talked to an angel before who he thinks was a weary soul having taken her own life by suicide.

His tweets on suicide and his encounter with an angel read:

“Forgive anyone who is in such pain as to try and remove themselves from life. In more pain than they could withstand. What I tell you is very painful to hear. Those that end their life in this way are in a place of suspension. Have not risen up yet. Around the earth, they’ll roam.

… Had a real encounter with a visitation of energy (an angel). I feel now is the time to report it to you all as she was a weary soul who took her own life. We spoke for approximately 10 mins.”

In a recent tweet, Perry Farrell has touched upon suicide again. Saying he began to mend his wounds and redemption is closer than it appears, he shared a portion from the bible which speaks of untreated wounds. He then added in the following tweet that he is optimistic because he has no choice. Adding that suicide is also a choice, Farrell said he chooses to live on to find a remedy. Talking about his remedies, he said they were severe and hurt him further but he has found that he was closer. Upon seeing his tweets, his fans wished him to be well and get through his sufferings.

Perry Farrell’s tweets read:

“On this Sabbath Hazon, I awoke and began to mend my wounds. We’re closer to redemption than realized. ‘From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no soundness only wounds and welts and open sores, not cleansed or bandaged or soothed with olive oil.’ Isaah 1:1-27.

How I can be optimistic at a time like this, is because I have no choice. Well, there is a choice. Suicide. I choose to live on, therefore; must find a remedy. At first, my remedies were severe, and hurt me further; but then I went deep within, and found-I was closer. We can mend.”

Below are the tweets posted by Perry Farrell.