Dave Mustaine Says He Always Wanted To Be A ‘Gibson Man’ While Sharing Details On His Signature Guitars

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine shared his feelings about joining the Gibson family during a recent appearance on Gimme Metal radio.

As you might recall, Dave had been working with Dean Guitars since 2007. After long time playing their guitars, he decided to switch brands and collaborated with Gibson last month.

During the conversation, Dave said that he always wants to play with the best guitars and mentioned that he didn’t know which brand was the best for him back in the days.

While saying that Gibson is now the best choice for him for making the greatest guitars, he also stated that they made such cool things together. In this way, he showed that he is pretty happy with this decision.

Here is what Dave Mustaine said:

“I have really, really wanted to be a Gibson man ever since I got my first KISS record that said on the back, ‘We use Gibson guitars because we like the very best.’ Well, so did I.

I didn’t know what the very best was at the time. Shoot, I was still just growing facial hair. But when I got a chance to see a guy next door to where my sister’s future husband lived, I saw this Les Paul custom.

And, of course, in my memoir, I tell you about stealing the guitar returning it. But I was so excited about that guitar that I took it in and made it my own. We’ve already made some really, really cool things take place over at Gibson.”

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