George Lynch Doesn’t Want To Do A Dokken Reunion For The Wrong Reasons

The former Dokken guitarist, George Lynch, talked to TotalRock about the future of the band’s classic lineup. Lynch implied that he was not favorable toward the idea of a reunion with the original members and explained his reasons.

The musician attended some Dokken live performances in the past couple of years, and it has consistently raised the question of whether the band’s original lineup would come back together to work on new projects. But according to him, a reunion is impossible for the band, even though his experience playing with the band was enjoyable.

In the interview, Lynch stated that he felt like returning home when he performed Dokken songs with them, as he contributed to the creation of many and ‘played them thousands of times.’ He described his experience on stage with the band as a beautiful moment.

The guitarist expressed himself as follows:

“For one thing, I can do it with one arm tied behind my back in my sleep. It’s songs I wrote — what? — 40, 45 years ago, whatever, and I played them thousands of times. So it’s easy, in a sense, but it also feels like going back home. So that’s nice. And the best thing about it is Don and I get along great. The band’s great. Everybody’s happy. Our band is opening up, so I’m playing twice that night. We do a lot of that. These are packed houses, and everybody loves it. The whole audience is with us, and this is kind of what they’re waiting for, and it’s just a beautiful moment. Not a self-congratulatory moment but just kind of an acknowledgment of the history and the power of the songs and good songwriting. It’s songs that people — it marks a time for them, and it’s meaningful for them. And so it is a beautiful moment for all of us that we all get to share.”

On the other hand, the musician indicated that it was impossible for the band’s original members to reunite because while some were retired, others were busy with different bands and projects. He also explained that he wanted to avoid bringing the old team back together for the wrong reasons, such as money and creating low-quality projects. According to him, ‘that ship has sort of already left the harbor.’

Lynch’s words on the matter read:

I pretty much doubt it. Mick [Brown] has quit playing drums, sold his kit. He’s not a drummer anymore. His brother Steve, who’s very similar to him, does play with [me and former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson] in The End MachineMick played on the first The End Machine record. We [use] Steve Brown now. So Steve Brown would be a natural fit for a Dokken reunion. But Jeff‘s been in Foreigner for 14 years. I’ve got nine different bands. We’re all older guys. And, really, to put a Dokken reunion together would be very, very difficult — politically, personally. And then we have to ask ourselves the honest question: would it just be a money grab, or would it be a great record; would it be a great book end? We’ve got ‘Breaking The Chains’ and ‘Tooth And Nail’ and ‘Under Lock And Key’ and ‘Back For The Attack.’ Is it gonna hold up to that, or are we just too far past that? And the answer is I think that ship has sort of already left the harbor.”

To the fans’ disappointment, Dokken will probably not reunite with its original lineup for various reasons. George Lynch does not want to gather everyone back for monetary reasons or a commercial success that will not live up to their old works.