Alice Cooper Says The Rolling Stones Is Playing Better Than Ever As He Clarifies Fans’ Expectations From Rock Stars


The founder and the lead vocalist of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper opened up about the expectations of fans back in the ’70s during an interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast and stated that every fan wants their favorite rock star or band to be consistent which The Rolling Stones is the greatest example for that.

As many of you know, The Rolling Stones has a career that spans over nearly 6 decades which includes 25 studio albums total and iconic recordings such as 1972’s ‘Exile on Main St.,’ 1969’s ‘Let It Bleed,’ and 1971’s ‘Sticky Fingers,’ selling over 240 million albums worldwide.

In addition to monumental albums, the band has performed more than two thousand concerts around the world including three of the highest-grossing tours of all time, ‘Bridges to Babylon Tour,’ ‘Voodoo Lounge Tour,’ and ‘A Bigger Bang Tour,’ adding more success to the band’s exceptionally triumph career.

During a recent interview, iconic vocalist Alice Cooper opened up about the expectations of fans, especially back in the ’70s, and revealed that people had a vision when it comes to their favorite rock stars. They wanted them to be mysterious, notorious, troublemakers, and most importantly consistent.

Furthermore, Cooper gave an example of how to be a great rock band according to the fans and stated that The Rolling Stones managed to be consistent after 60 years as each of their live performance is better than the previous one and the band members live up to their fans’ expectations, according to the legendary vocalist.

Here is what Cooper said:

“Here’s the great thing about that era – people wanted us to be that, and we were glad to be that for them. They wanted their rock stars to be notorious, they wanted their rock stars to be mysterious, they wanted their rock stars to be trouble, they wanted their rock stars to survive.

‘Oh, this happened to him!’ Yeah, but did you hear the new record? ‘Oh my gosh, he survived that!’ and they wanted their rock stars to be consistent. When you heard a Beatles album, you went, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s better than the last one! How is that possible?’ You hear The Rolling Stones, you go, ‘Geez!’ 60 years later, they’re still rocking as hard and playing better than they ever have. I think people feel secure.”

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