The Vince Neil Song Featuring Pamela Anderson In Its Music Video

One of the most notorious frontmen in the rock and roll world, Vince Neil, had joined Mötley Crüe in 1981. He stuck with the band for years to create, produce and have a little bit of fun while doing that. However, with drug and alcohol abuse, the band started having conflicts one after another, and Neil was fired from the band. Crüe continued their band careers by hiring John Corabi in Neil’s place.

However, fans weren’t pleased with this change, and most of them stated that they would come to the shows because of Neil. Their record company gave the band an ultimatum, later on, to bring Neil back. Neil wasn’t selling as much as he did in Crüe, and Crüe didn’t satisfy fans without Neil. Hence, they took him back in and continued their career together. However, from 1992 to 1998, Neil had a solo career in which he produced two albums as a solo artist. One of those songs that got attention was the song starring Pamela Anderson in the music video.

‘Can’t Have Your Cake’ Starrs Pamela Anderson

The song ‘Can’t Have Your Cake’ was released in Neil’s 1993 solo album ‘Exposed.’ At the time, Pamela and Tommy Lee weren’t dating and possibly hadn’t met. Neil and Pamela were rumored to have been dating at the time of the music video. After Anderson gained popularity by appearing in ‘Baywatch,’ she began acting in Neil’s music video. She’s a powerful actress, model, and activist, especially for animal rights.

More recently, her and Tommy Lee’s mini-series were released, which took the subject of their sex tape being stolen by journalists. Starring Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee and Lily James as Pamela, the series grabbed huge attention once it was released on Disney+. Her relationship with Tommy made it to the headlines, and their sex tape caused a considerable sensation that made the public focus on their relationship. However, the nature of her and Vince Neil’s relationship is still ambiguous.

You can watch the ‘Can’t Have Your Cake’ music video below.