Why Is Joe Walsh The Most Important Guitarist In Rock, According To Vince Gill Of The Eagles


Rhythm, blues, soul, and rock music heavily influenced The Eagles‘ members’ creation process since they owe their unique sound to a fusion of these. The band went through several lineup changes and breakups during their music career. Regardless of their numerous member changes, the Eagles became one of the most successful bands ever, selling over 100 million records.

They primed with ‘Hotel California,’ released in 1976, only five years after their formation. They helped carry rock and roll to a mainstream genre and raised its popularity. The members held a lot of rock power in their hands, and their support for each other was also remarkable. In fact, Vince Gill once told the world that the long-time Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh is the best guitar player.

Why Is Joe Walsh The Best Guitarist In The World According To Vince Gill?


After Glenn Frey passed away in 2015, the band decided to hire Vince Gill and Deacon Frey to replace him on vocals. Deacon and Vince got used to the group very quickly and grabbed the opportunity of a lifetime, joining one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Their relationship with other band members was pretty smooth as Gill once revealed the importance of Joe Walsh to him.

In 2019, Gill said that Joe Walsh is America’s most significant guitar player. He mentioned other icons such as Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page as notable figures in rock. However, the musician stated that Joe Walsh is at least as influential as these people. He praised the guitar player’s impressive patience and said he was in awe of the Eagles member.

Here is what Gill said about Joe Walsh:

“Well, I always knew how great he was. I played ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ in my bedroom when I was 15. I played it in garage bands and at sound checks. I think Joe Walsh could be the most important guitar player in American rock. You got Chuck Berry and several others, and across the pond, there’s Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton.

I think Joe is every bit as important as any of those guys. He plays with great brevity and restraint. There’s always so much thought he puts into each note. That’s what I like about him, his patience. It’s not about whittling a bunch of notes and trying to impress you. It’s the way he’ll bend a note, the time and care he’ll put into it. I’m just in awe of him.

With Eagles, Joe Walsh released three studio albums and became one of their iconic members with his guitar skills. He also has a solo career consisting of eleven studio albums and was praised by many icons, including The Who’s Pete Townshend.