Queen Drummer Roger Taylor’s 2021 Solo Tour Dates Are Now Available

Queen‘s official Instagram page has recently announced Queen drummer and rock icon Roger Taylor’s 2021 UK solo tour dates along with a photo of his album cover which made the fans all excited.

As is known, Roger Taylor, who is accepted as a successful and prestigious drummer, was working on a brand new solo album called ‘Outsider‘ after a long time since his ‘Fun on Earth‘ album which was his fifth studio album released in November 2013.

Taylor is now planning to go on a UK tour throughout October consisting of 14 shows which will eventually follow his new solo album’s release. These shows in Taylor’s tour will be his first live performance apart from Queen after about 20 years.

Following these, Queen’s official Instagram account has made an announcement that pleased the fans who were waiting with impatience. The post included a quote of Taylor, along with an announcement for his new tour dates and upcoming solo album, also making it clear that more information can be found on Queen’s official website.

The post read:

“’This is my modest tour, I just want it to be lots of fun, very good musically, and I want everybody to enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to it.’ Queen legend Roger Taylor announces 2021 UK solo tour and brand new album ‘Outsider’!”

You can see the photograph posted on Queen’s Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Queen – Instagram