Paul Stanley Reacts To The Sudden Death Of Mary Wilson, ‘I’m Absolutely Shocked’

KISS co-founder and lead singer Paul Stanley recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account to show his reaction to the founding member of The Supremes Mary Wilson, who unexpectedly passed away.

As you may know, the iconic rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Paul Stanley has been using his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on various social and political subjects. He also gives updates on the projects he has been working on as well as sharing his opinions on his fellow musicians’ latest works.

Recently on Twitter, Paul Stanley posted a tweet to react to the sudden passing of Mary Wilson, who was widely known as the co-founder of the most successful Motown act of the ’60s, the Supremes. Wilson sadly passed away at her Las Vegas home on February 8, 2021, at the age of 76. The cause of her death hasn’t been clarified yet.

In his tweet, Stanley mentioned how shocked he was to hear the sudden passing of Mary Wilson with whom he had a Zoom call only a week ago. Paul stated that he could never imagine hearing Mary’s death only a week later since she was always so full of life and had the greatest stories to tell him. The KISS icon bid his dear friend farewell by wishing her to ‘Rest In Supreme Peace.’

Here is how Paul Stanley bid farewell to Mary Wilson:

“OMG! Mary Wilson of the Supremes has died suddenly. I was just on a Zoom call with her Wednesday for about an hour & never could have imagined this. So full of life & great stories. Absolutely shocked. Rest In Supreme Peace Mary.”

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.