Post Malone Says He Chatted With Bob Dylan After He Slid Into His DMs

Rapper Post Malone recently joined The Tonight Show for an interview and admitted Bob Dylan slid into his DMs, and they became chatting buddies.

Although Post Malone is among the most famous rappers in today’s scene, he collaborated with various rock and metal acts. He even played in a metal band back when he started a professional music career. Malone’s most prominent collabs include ‘Take What You Want,’ ‘It’s A Raid,’ ‘Tommy Lee,’ and ‘Motley Crew.’

Malone is a musician who experimented with various genres such as hip hop, pop, and rap-rock. Moreover, he received the praise of many rock and metal artists and even performed with them on stage throughout his music career. So, Malone is undoubtedly a blend of a rap icon and a ‘Rockstar.’

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Post Malone revealed that he is also friends with another iconic musician who is not a rapper. According to the artist, he became chatting buddies with one of the most prominent musicians of all time, Bob Dylan.

Malone said that he had never met Dylan, but they had been chatting over text. Admitting he has a Dylan tattoo on his arm, Malone confirmed that Dylan kind of ‘slid into his DMs.’ He then stated that Dylan has always been a voice in his head, so it’s incredible talking to him via DMs.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone said the following:

“I have not met Bob Dylan. But we have been; I don’t know how much I’m at liberty to discuss. But we’ve been chatting. We’ve chatted. He kind of slid into my DMs. It’s incredible. He’s always just been a voice in my head. I’ve always just appreciated the music and appreciated the songwriting.”

You can watch the interview below.