Perry Farrell Shares Taylor Hawkins’ Wish About Jane’s Addiction

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell recently spoke to New York Post for an interview and claimed that Taylor Hawkins had a wish about Jane’s Addiction’s future.

Taylor Hawkins left hundreds of thousands of fans heartbroken after his passing on March 25. Many musicians paid tribute to the drummer following his death, including Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell. In a previous Instagram post dedicated to Taylor’s memory, Farrell said goodbye to his best friend with a touching video eulogy.

In the video, Farrell said that his wife, children, and even his dog loved Hawkins. He then recalled when they would make music together and praised the drummer’s talent. In September, Farrell recalled Hawkins again and said he would turn the pain he felt after Taylor’s loss into determination.

Farrell and Hawkins were close friends, and they shared so many good memories together. They even released music together in May 2021, titled ‘Mend.’ Recently, Farrell spoke to NYPost and revealed that Hawkins was beside him during Jane’s Addiction’s early days. So, their friendship went a long way back.

According to Farrell, Hawkins told him that he wanted to see Jane’s Addiction come back together before his passing. Although he couldn’t see the original line-up’s return with Eric Avery, Farrell said he was sure Hawkins was watching and listening to them in heaven.

In the interview with NYPost, Perry Farrell said the following:

“Taylor was there in the early days when Jane’s was running the streets of Los Angeles. He just wanted to see Jane’s come back together. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it, but I know for sure he’s watching, and I know for sure he’s listening.

The funny thing is, I see hawks quite often, and I take pictures of them when I do. Sometimes I see two or three; sometimes, I see a family.”

Perry Farrell also stated that he often sees hawks, implying they remind him of Hawkins. As it seems, Farrell believes this is a sign Hawkins has been keeping an eye on him, and feeling his presence around him must have made it easier to cope with his friend’s loss.