Perry Farrell Says He’s Turning The Pain Of Losing Taylor Hawkins Into Dedication To Greatness

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell shared in his recent tweet that the pain he felt losing his friend Taylor Hawkins became a turning point for him and helped him understand how certain feelings can help him improve himself.

Taylor Hawkins’ untimely passing in March 2022 deeply affected his friends in the rock scene. Many names with whom he had gotten close throughout his career have expressed their sadness about this painful experience in different ways since that day. For instance, Nancy Wilson released a song she wrote following her dear friend’s passing. Recently, Perry Farrell opened up about the great sorrow he felt as one of the late musician’s best friends.

The vocalist shared a video eulogy on his Instagram the day after Hawkins’ passing to say goodbye to him. In the video, he talked about how important the late drummer was to him and his family. He recalled that when the rocker came to his home and made music, even his dog lay next to him, loving what he did. The Jane’s Addiction icon added in the eulogy that his friend was a very confident and impressive drum player.

Farrell commemorated the late Foo Fighters drummer once again in his recent tweet, saying he would want to reunite with his best friend when his turn came. The singer stated that the late musician was a source of happiness in his life, and he is now in pain with the loss. Perry Farrell noted that he will draw strength from this pain and dedicate himself to achieving greatness. The rocker believes Taylor Hawkins hears and watches him from where he has gone, and he seems determined to make the late drummer proud.

Perry Farrell said the following in his tweet:

“When it’s my turn, please let me be again with Taylor. The joy he brought to my life. The depth of pain for his loss now turns to dedication, to greatness. That’s what we talked and talked about. He’s watching now, listening. I am so thankful to god for having shared time with you.”

You can check out the tweet below.