Brian May Shares An Insight To His New Project With Tony Iommi

In a recent Instagram post, Brian May dropped a surprise announcement about a new project he’s been working on. The Queen guitarist teased a new project he’s been secretly cooking up with his friend and fellow musician, Tony Iommi.

Tony and Brian’s admiration for one another goes way back, as they have praised each other on multiple occasions, one instance being May confirming that Iommi is the ‘real creator’ of heavy metal. Tony also had jam sessions with May at his house and had revealed his every intention of collaborating with the Queen guitarist at some point, and with the new announcement, it seems that the time has come.

The Instagram post from May revealed the details of a project that brought him and Tony together in an exciting venture. The two have been quietly working on an unexpected collaboration that will bring value to rock music enthusiasts and fans alike. The documentary project will delve into the nitty gritty of guitar riffs.

Brian May’s IG post caption read:

“Joy! A rare and special afternoon with my dear pal Tony Iommi making a documentary on RIFFS !!! Rock on, Folks!”

It’s a thrilling time for followers of these two rock musicians as they eagerly await the documentary. With the combined talents of May and Iommi, expectations are high. Will this documentary shed some light on their creative process or reveal the secrets behind their famous riffs? While the project’s specifics remain under wraps, it is certainly something to look forward to.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram