Bruce Kulick Thinks Taylor Swift Stole His KISS ‘Asylum’ Look

Bruce Kulick recently pointed out a striking resemblance between his stage outfit from the 1980s and Taylor Swift’s costume during her ongoing ‘The Eras Tour.’ He shared a photo of Swift performing in a red and black outfit sporting snake-like patterns, suggesting it looked similar to the one he wore during the ‘Asylum’ era of KISS. The guitarist wrote on Instagram:

“Taylor Swift has good taste in clothes… KISS Asylum clothes! Do you agree? (Convention photo by Mike Brandvold)”

Kulick included two photos of his costume in the post. One of them showed it on a mannequin, while the other showed him wearing it during a KISS performance.

Not The First Time

Swift nodded at KISS’ stage costumes once more in her early career. She crashed a Keith Urban show in Kansas City, Missouri, during his ‘Escape Together World Tour’ in 2009.

At Urban’s headlining show, the pop singer and three members of her road band jumped on stage wearing face paint, platform boots, black wigs, and spandex pants. They sang the country musician’s then-current single ‘Kiss A Girl’ accompanied by two backup singers dressed up as super-sized Hersey Kisses.

Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ outfit came from a more colorful and bright period of KISS’ stage clothes, though.

The Guitarist’s Insights Into The Band’s Costumes

Bruce Kulick’s first tour with the band in the mid-’80s was not professionally recorded. Still, the guitarist shared some footage from this period on a 2021 episode of the ‘Three Sides Of The Coin’ podcast, a show dedicated to KISS.

During the episode, Kulick reflected on this era and discussed the band’s fashion choices while looking through photos taken by Tommy Sommers from their 1986 show in St. Paul, Minnesota. Delving into the story of Gene Simmons’ lighted cape on the show, he explained:

“It was a disaster; it cost like $5000 to create; it came out one night, and that was it. I wasn’t his comfort zone, obviously. For [1987’s] ‘Crazy Nights,’ things were easier, the clothes got more leather and tough … and by [1992’s] ‘Revenge,’ we really dialed in the look. Paul [Stanley] can get away with acting like a stripper onstage and wearing all that color and still be a terrific frontman; he pulled it off.”

You can see the former KISS guitarist’s post about Taylor Swift’s outfit here.

Photo Credit: Bruce Kulick – Instagram