Mark Knopfler Names The One Guitarist Playing His Dire Straits Riffs Correctly

Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits recently shared a video on his Instagram of a young guitarist who played the band’s ‘Money For Nothing’ with no mistake. Knopfler revealed the name of the guitarist and shared that he has created guitar tutorial videos for everyone to watch and learn. The description of the post read:

“Watch and learn to play the unmistakable opening riff of ‘Money For Nothing’ with guitar player and teacher Pavel Fomenkov. For more Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler guitar tutorial videos, visit Pavel’s YouTube channel via the link in bio.”

The post features play-through guitar videos for ‘Money For Nothing’ of both Knopfler and Fomenkov. Fomenkov expressed his appreciation in the comments section, stating:

“Thank you Mark Knopfler and team for recognising my 18 years of playing and 7 years of work on YouTube, and helping me through these hard times. Mark’s fans are the best. Mark’s the best. See the last video on my channel for more info.”

Fomenkov uploaded numerous guitar tutorials on YouTube. Additionally, he has created a digital songbook dedicated to Knopfler. The songbook includes a wide range of songs from both Knopfler’s solo works and Dire Straits songs.

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