Paul Stanley Reacts To Paul McCartney’s New Song And The Music Video Featuring His Younger Self


KISS’ co-founder, guitarist, and co-lead vocalist Paul Stanley recently shared Paul McCartney’s new song ‘Find My Way,’ which premiered on July 22, and shared his thoughts on McCartney’s younger outlook.

‘Find My Way’ was featured in McCartney’s 18th studio album, ‘McCartney III,’ released on December 18, 2020. On April 18, 2021, he digitally released the album’s remix ‘McCartney III Imagined’ in which the song ‘Find My Way’ featured Beck. The music video has already received over 2 Million views on YouTube and is getting positive comments.

The one thing that grabbed a lot of people’s attention was that the music video featured young McCartney walking and dancing around in hallways. It was a magical moment for his fans to see young Paul walking and singing again. Most people commented thanking the latest technologies that made this music video possible.

Not only McCartney’s fans but also celebrities reacted to this music video. Paul Stanley shared the video on his official Twitter account stating that everyone should watch it if they haven’t already. He told his followers how much the video affected him and also asked for the opinion of the people who watched it.

Here is what he tweeted:

“If you haven’t already seen this… Check it out! I’m mesmerized. Very cool. What do you think? Paul McCartney, Beck.”

Below his tweet, his followers reacted and stated their opinions. Most of them said that they were as ‘mesmerized’ as Stanley. There are also comments from users who analyzed the music video and claimed there are some deeper meanings to it. 

You can see his tweet below.