Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Admits Having Insufficient Songwriting Abilities

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor appeared on Metal Hammer’s new issue, revealing he had insufficient songwriting abilities earlier during his time with Slipknot.

During his break with Slipknot, the rocker revived Stone Sour in 2002, which he referred to as ‘a selfish thing’ to do. Taylor explained why he reunited with the band while opening up about his contributions and confidence:

“I knew that at the time I didn’t write music as good as the guys in Slipknot, I wasn’t confident in my abilities, I contributed that much [makes tiny space between his thumb and index finger].”

The rocker detailed the reason behind the reformation of his other band, Stone Sour:

“Reforming Stone Sour meant I got better as a songwriter and was able to contribute music to Slipknot. But it came from a purely selfish place of just wanting to feel like I could do it.”

Taylor clarified that he knew the two bands were on different pages and that he wanted to have much more credit for Slipknot, thus reviving Stone Sour:

“I knew we would never have the same impact. You have one chance at grabbing lightning, and Slipknot was that chance. When I was young, maybe I wanted to have more credit [for Slipknot] from an ego standpoint. It’s only in retrospect that you can look at it and go, ‘I was actually a very big part of it.'”

Ever since the release of their full-length album, ‘Hydrograd,’ Stone Sour is still on a hiatus, and Taylor seems to have no intention of reuniting anytime soon. Though there seems to be no hard feelings among the band members, everyone wanted to go ‘do their own thing,‘ hence the indefinite hiatus.

The rocker expressed that embarking on a solo project was more fulfilling than being part of two bands since he no longer had to concern himself with others dictating what to play or selling his music out.

The rocker’s second studio album ‘CMF2’ is coming out on September 15. You can hear ‘Talk Sick,’ the most recent release from the album, below.