Gene Simmons Says Ace Frehley Had One Condition To Join KISS

KISS’ Gene Simmons recently revealed a dramatic conversation with the band’s former guitarist Ace Frehley. According to the bassist, Ace stated one condition to follow for him to return to the group and take part in the band’s documentary.

One of the most well-known rock and roll bands in history, KISS made a solid entrance to the rock and roll world with their music, stage makeup, and costumes that amazed the fans by using stage stunts. They are best known for their face paints and adapted stage personalities. The four founding band members were Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss.

Unfortunately, Criss left the band in 1980 due to creative differences, followed by Frehley’s exit. They both returned to the group later. 1983 marked the band’s unmasked era, but they returned to their original selves in 1996 when Frehley and Criss rejoined KISS. However, business and creative ventures upset Frehley and Criss, and they both decided to quit again.

They left their marks in the band with their talents, and fans never forgat their roles though Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer replaced them. Both musicians adapted to the stage personas invented by the original KISS lineup, and apparently, Frehley has a problem with that.

Gene Simmons recently stated that he asked Frehley and Criss to come to the band so that they could be in the 2021 documentary. Criss refused, but Frehley noted that he would come if Tommy Thayer left and he became the one and only Spaceman again. Simmons denied this condition and stated that Frehley doesn’t even play as well as he used to.

Here is what Simmons stated about calling Frehley and Criss to come back:

“We’ve tried. I keep trying. Paul and I met with Ace, trying to convince him to come back. He said, ‘I want this. I want that.’ Well, we can’t do that. I asked Ace and Peter to be in the documentary. They said no. They might do it if they have complete control of the edit. I said, ‘We can’t do that, because even we don’t have that. But I won’t control what you say; you can say whatever you want.’

The answer is no, both of them. I asked Ace and Peter, ‘Come out on tour. We’ll get you your own room and everything. Come out on the encores.’ Ace said, ‘No. The only way I’ll come out is if I’m the Spaceman and you ask Tommy to leave.’ I go, ‘Well, that’s not gonna happen.’ First of all, I care about Ace, but he’s not in shape. He can’t play that way and doesn’t have the physical stamina to do that.”

You can watch the interview below.