Paul Stanley Mocks A Prophecy From 1974 Claiming That KISS Won’t Be Around Long

KISS the co-founder and frontman, Paul Stanley shared a photo on Twitter that belonged to a review article about the future of KISS written on May 27, 1974, and slammed the critic who wrote the review by pointing out how wrong he was.

As you know, 1974 was a very important year for the history of the legendary rock band KISS. The band released their debut studio album entitled ‘Kiss’ on February 18, 1974. The album became very popular and was certified as gold a few years later of its release. Soon, they also released their second studio album, ‘Hotter than Hell’ on October 22, 1974.

In the same year, KISS began its first tour named Kiss Tour on February 5, 1974. Although they performed several shows, the tour’s primary aim was promoting the first album of the band. KISS’ tours drew the great attention of rock music lovers. However, there was one harsh review that KISS members couldn’t forget and described as unfair. The review was written by Seattle Daily Times writer Patrick MacDonald on May 27, 1974.

In the review article, MacDonald didn’t think it was necessary to mention the names of KISS members calling them four guys and he claimed that the band wouldn’t have a long history in rock music. However, KISS proved that the critic wasn’t very good at predicting the future careers of the bands. Paul Stanley slammed the critic saying that he was wrong and advising him to put away his money to maintain a life as an unemployed critic.

Here is what the critic wrote about the future of KISS:

“I hope the four guys who make up the group, whose names don’t matter, are putting money away for the future. The near future because KISS won’t be around long.”

Here’s how Paul Stanley responded to his comment:

“This grows funnier every year. And to the gentleman who wrote this ‘prophecy’ in 1974, I hope You were putting away your money for the future. It’s not easy being an unemployed critic.

You can see the tweet below.