Michael Kelly Smith Gets His Hopes Up For Britny Fox Reunion

Known for their catchy melodies, big choruses, and glam rock image, Britny Fox has come together and disbanded a couple of times with different line-ups. Despite not achieving the same level of commercial success as some of their contemporaries, the band has been beloved among glam metal fans. Recently, the band’s guitarist Michael Kelly Smith hinted at a reunion once again.

Britny Fox was a rock band that originated in Philadelphia in 1985. The band was able to secure a major recording contract but unfortunately faced a tragic setback when one of their members, Tony Destra, passed away in a car accident in 1987. In order to fulfill their tour obligations, they temporarily hired drummer Adam West until they found a permanent replacement in John DiTeodoro.

Despite the band’s initial success, they disbanded in 1992 due for various reasons. However, the band reunited in 2000 with their original line-up and released their fourth studio album, ‘Springhead Motorshark,’ in 2003. This was only the beginning of future reunions and disbandments until finally, they went on a hiatus in 2016 and the last studio album they ever released remains ‘Springhead Motorshark.’

Recently, Michael Kelly Smith revealed in an interview with 80’s Glam Metalcast that the band is looking to come together to do something for the 35th anniversary of the band. It caught attention that Smith was continuing to write music, which may hint at a new record. But at the same time, the band is more known to reunite for concerts or live shows rather than sit down and come up with a new album.

Let’s see what Smith had to say about it:

“I was laying low for quite a while. I had other interests and different things going on. I had been teaching guitar forever, so I picked that up again after the Britny Fox shows didn’t pan out in the 2000s. My wife and I also rescue thoroughbred horses. That’s kept me busy as well, taking care of them. I have been writing a lot too. Recently, I have been thinking about getting the original band back together to do some shows this year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of our debut album.

I know Dean was interested in doing something for the 25th Anniversary, but that never panned out for whatever reason. I have been getting a lot of requests from people to do this, and we can’t wait forever. So, I decided this would be a great year to do some shows and, ultimately, do a new album. I think there is a better chance of this happening now than ever before. I think it’s looking good.”

Britny Fox has had a tumultuous history, with multiple breakups and reunions over the years. While they may not have achieved the same level of commercial success as some of their peers, they have maintained a loyal fan base among glam metal enthusiasts. With the recent news of a potential reunion for their 35th anniversary, fans are eagerly anticipating what the band has in store next. Whether it be new music or just some more live shows, it’s clear that Britny Fox’s legacy as a beloved glam metal band will continue to endure.