Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Says He’s Separated From His Wife Aja Volkman


Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds announced via his official Twitter account that he finalized his relationship with musician Aja Volkman after more than ten years of marriage.

The couple had been together since their initial marriage in 2011. However, their relationship has been rocky as the couple had split in the past, only to work through their problems and reunite to reform their marriage. Sadly, it seems that Reynolds and Volkman have decided to break up once again.

The frontman and Volkman rekindled their marriage after seven months of separation in 2019. In a previous statement, Dan opened up about the period by saying that the break-up had been hard both for him and his family. Yet, the couple managed to cooperate and construct their relationship. Following these words, Reynolds released two songs, one of which was ‘Follow You,’ inspired by the couple’s turbulent marriage.

Unfortunately, as sometimes love is not enough, Dan has recently shared a statement on Twitter saying that after many years together, the couple has separated ways once again. As Reynolds and Volkman share four children together, the singer addressed that co-parenting was their first and utmost priority. Dan also thanked everyone who supported and understood them during these tough times.

The singer tweeted:

”I am saddened to say that after many beautiful years together, Aja and I have separated. Being great parents to our children is our number one priority. Thank you for always supporting us with love and care for all these years.”

As Dan Reynolds is going through a challenging period in his personal life, the frontman is determined to show that he doesn’t let the process affect his professional life. Reynolds released his sixth studio album, ‘Mercury – Act 2’ with Imagine Dragons on July 1, 2022. The band will also be hitting the road across South America, starting with their first show in Colombia.

You can view the frontman’s statement below.