Steel Panther Singer’s David Lee Roth Impersonation Is Magnificent

We have received yet another hilarious impression from Michael Starr when he posted a video on his Instagram speaking like David Lee Roth. He has shared this video with the caption ‘David Lee Roth time!’ and once again showed his fans his playful personality and received a 10/10 performance grade from his followers.

Starr is not only known for his rocker personality, but he also imitates rockstars. In 2018, we saw him as Ozzy Osbourne on stage which was spot-on from his outfit to his screaming ‘We love you’ and ‘Let me see your hands.’

Starr had also imitated David Lee Roth before on stage but this time he posted a video on his personal Instagram making an impression of the way Roth speaks.

He says:

“Hey what’s up man David Lee Roth right here yours truly right in front of your naked steely eyes.”

There are around 150 comments from his followers reacting to his video. In most of them, they are laughing out loud or putting laughing face emojis. They emphasize how much he resembles Roth and that they would be happy to see him play Roth if a movie was ever made about Van Halen. However, not all comments are about the video itself.

As you may know, Steel Panther’s bassist Travis Haley known by the name Lexxi Foxx has quit the band just one day before this video. In the comments, the fans are asking for an update on Foxx quitting and asking about the rumors of him joining Megadeath. These rumors have originated on Reddit, however, there is nothing said about this matter officially.

Already having a goofy personality, Starr seems to be quite cheerful in his video even though Foxx has quit the band just a day before. We are happy to see Michael Starr preserving his positive attitude even after a sad event.

Watch his video below.