Nita Strauss Says ‘It’s A Dream Come True’ As She Explains How She Decided To Collaborate With L.A. Rams

Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist Nita Strauss opened up about the whole process of becoming a permanent member as the in-house guitarist for the Los Angeles Rams American football team during a recent video released by Sumerian Records on Youtube.

As many of you remember, Nita Strauss performed ‘America the Beautiful’ at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on November 11, 2018, in Los Angeles, California for the Salute To Service game between Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Hawks.

In the recently released video, Nita Strauss revealed how she became the in-house guitarist for the Los Angeles Rams after her performance back in 2018. Apparently, pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page was the person who made the introduction between the team and Nita, therefore, she played at the Salute To Service game and got an offer to become a permanent member.

Here is what Nita said:

“The Rams introduction actually came through our good friend and very surprising source, the pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Dallas now has a yoga program, DDP Yoga, and a rehabilitation program that works with a lot of pro athletes, and one of the athletes that he worked with was a player on the L.A. Rams. So he made the introduction for us, and the next thing I knew, I got the call to play at the Salute To Service game in  2018, to play ‘America The Beautiful’. I went on to play at the Sunday night football game, still at the Coliseum, and it went so well, we got along so great with everyone in the organization, and after that, they contacted me about becoming a more permanent part.

In addition to this, Nita revealed that she was thrilled to be a part of an NFL team since she has been a sports fan throughout her whole life since she grew up in Los Angeles, a place where competitive sports is famous, along with revealing that it is a dream come true, working with Rams.

Here is what she said:

I’m a lifelong sports fan, I grew up in competitive sports right here in L.A., so to get to play for an NFL team in my hometown, 10 miles from the hospital that I was born in is an absolute dream come true.

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