William DuVall On Whether Alice In Chains Will Make A Comeback Anytime Soon

After ‘AIC 23’ resurfaced on social media, fans were hoping for a new project from Alice In Chains. However, in a recent interview with Loudwire, William DuVall set the record straight as he explained:

“Other than the dates with Guns N’ Roses that just got announced, we’re not talking about anything. Playing these shows will be interesting for sure, and we are happy to do it but other than that, no. It’s funny because ‘AIC 23’ I forgot about that mockumentary, and it just so happens that now the year is 2023, so I can see where people would want to make a connection.”

Even though William understands that fans want to connect the ‘AIC 23’ mockumentary they released back in 2013 to a new album this year, the band wasn’t even planning to work this year if it were not for the tour. He added:

“We’re just happy and honored that they asked us to go out again. We actually weren’t planning on working this year at all, so if not for the fact that Guns asked us to go, I don’t think we would be going.”

Even though there won’t be a new Alice In Chains record any time soon, in the meantime, fans can listen to William’s solo ventures. The singer released his latest solo live studio album, ‘11.12.21,’ last year and has recently worked with The Hu to collaborate on the track ‘This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls)’ for the deluxe version of ‘Rumble of Thunder.’

You can listen to William DuVall’s interview with Loudwire here and listen to ‘11.12.21’ and ‘This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls)’ below.