Alice Cooper Says Jeff Beck Is The Most Creative Guitar Player Out There And Explains The Reason Why

Musician and filmmaker Alice Cooper talked about The Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck during a recent appearance on BBC Radio.

In the conversation, Alice wanted to praise the talent of Jeff by saying that he is the most creative guitarist in the world and might be even before he joined The Yardbirds.

Furthermore, Alice revealed that they were playing The Yardbirds songs when he was 16 years old in the highschool and said that they were pretty good to play these songs perfectly.

Additionally, Alice pointed out that even though they played great, The Yardbirds always crushed them on the stage because they were the original band and praised their incredible talent once again.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“Jeff Beck, I think, is still the most creative guitar player out there – ever since The Yardbirds and even before maybe.

We actually opened for The Yardbirds when we were 16 years old – 17 years old. We were The Spiders, in Phoenix. And they couldn’t have been much older than us, they were probably 19 or 20.

We were The Yardbirds band in Phoenix – still in high school. And we got up on stage, a thousand kids there, and we played all The Yardbirds songs. And they were in the back.”

He continued:

“And I could see Jeff and I could see Keith Relf and all the guys. Every time we finished a song, they’d give us a thumbs up – ’cause we were pretty good. We actually did their songs pretty-good.

And then they got on stage and blew us off the stage – because they were The Yardbirds. I’d never seen anybody play guitar like that, so cocky. And at the time, you can imagine, he was showing off as much as he could and he was amazing.

And the guitar looked like it had been dragged behind the bus for years, an old Telecaster with big chips out of it and everything.”

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