Wolfgang Van Halen Reacts To Fans’ Criticism For Using ‘Programmed Drums’ On His Songs

Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen has taken his Twitter account to respond to some of the fans’ criticism regarding his new song, ‘You’re to Blame,’ and stated that the comments about ‘programmed drums’ in his songs are ‘factually wrong.’

As you may know, Wolfgang Van Halen has chosen the same path as his father, Eddie Van Halen. The young musician has been working on his upcoming solo album with the band he formed, Mammoth WVH, whose name was inspired by the initial name that his father used for Van Halen.

Following the devastating death of his father on October 6, 2020, Wolf released the first single titled ‘Distance‘ from his highly-anticipated album which is dedicated to the special bond he and Eddie had as father and son. A short while ago, Wolfgang joined the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to perform ‘Distance’ live and announced that his new album will be released on June 11, 2021.

Recently, Wolfgang announced that Mammoth WVH has released the lyric video of the song named ‘You’re to Blame’ from the upcoming new album. Following the announcement, Van Halen posted several tweets on his Twitter account to respond to some of the fans’ criticism about his new songs having ‘programmed drums‘ that not many people liked.

In his tweet, Wolf stated that those people stating that they are not fans of programmed drums while listening to his songs sound hilarious to him since he ‘literally tracked to fucking tape.’ He also added that he finds it very funny when people express their opinions about the negative features of something, in this case, his songs, which are just ‘factually wrong.’

Here is how Wolf Van Halen reacted to the criticism about his new song:

“My favorite criticism of my music thus far has been ‘I’m not a fan of programmed drums‘ which is hilarious to me because I literally tracked to fucking tape lol

It’s fun when people’s opinions on why things are bad are literally just factually wrong

You can see the tweet Wolfgang Van Halen posted on his Twitter account below.