Neal Schon Clarifies His Relationship With Arnel Pineda

Journey guitarist Neal Schon recently took to Twitter to clarify the state of his relationship with lead vocalist Arnel Pineda. This was in response to a tweet from a fan who suggested that the pair had recently reconciled, which Schon disputed, stating they had never ceased to be friends.

A user wrote on Twitter:

“Since Arnel Pineda and Neal Schon have recently become friends again, I think he could become the one with the most new songs in a few years, by the way. I just counted Arnel Pineda has sung 38 new songs spread out on three albums making him the second most productive lead singer in Journey.”

Schon replied to that:

We were never not friends. Just misunderstandings and bullsh*t created by trolls.”

The relationship between Schon and Pineda seemed to face turbulence due to a misunderstanding rooted in Schon’s tweets. These messages were in response to fan inquiries about the potential exit of Pineda and fellow band member Jonathan Cain after their current tour. The rocker’s responses led to a wave of speculation, with some fans querying the duo’s significance to Journey’s success.

Reacting to the unfolding dialogue, Pineda expressed his dissatisfaction. Schon quickly clarified his stance, asserting his intention was not to downplay the singer or Cain’s influence but to highlight the instrumental role Journey had in boosting their careers. The guitarist further explained his comments were not intended to belittle Pineda or Cain’s talents.

So, the initial misunderstanding between Neal Schon and Arnel Pineda appears to have been largely amplified by external factors. Despite the seeming tension, Schon affirmed their steadfast friendship amid the whirlwind of speculation.