Journey’s Neal Schon Apologizes To Arnel Pineda After Misunderstanding

Journey’s lead guitarist, Neal Schon, has recently apologized to the band’s lead singer, Arnel Pineda after comments he made on Twitter sparked controversy and led to a misunderstanding between the two band members. Schon clarified his statements, praising Pineda’s talent, and explaining what he meant regarding Journey’s impact on Arnel’s career.

The conflict began when Schon responded to fans’ questions about the potential departure of Pineda and keyboardist Jonathan Cain after their current tour. In a series of tweets, Schon seemed to agree with fans who downplayed the significance of the duo’s contribution to the band’s success. This caused a stir among Journey fans, and Pineda himself took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

In the midst of the controversy, Neal took the opportunity to clarify his comments before addressing Pineda’s concerns directly. He explained that his intention was not to belittle Pineda or Cain but to emphasize the role that Journey played in catapulting their careers to new heights. Schon’s words were meant to express his belief in the power of the band and its ability to elevate its members’ success rather than diminishing the talents of Arnel and Jonathan.

Neal Schon also stated that his use of the term ‘nobodies‘ was in reference to internet trolls trying to create drama between the Journey members. The guitarist went on to explain that he has the utmost respect for Arnel Pineda’s vocal talents and that he is sure Pineda would have become successful even without Journey. However, Schon noted that he meant Pineda might not have been ‘as successful as he is now‘ if Neal had not ‘found his links’ and brought him to Journey.

Arnel responded to Neal Schon’s comments as follows:

“He may be right… Like I said, if they’re tired of this nobody, I’m just a phone call away.”

In response to Pineda’s tweet, Schon wrote:

“Totally bullsh*t to twist things to create drama and problems if things are going well. I have the utmost respect for Arnel, and I obviously knew how talented he was when I heard his voice singing in many other styles. No way was I saying he wouldn’t be successful. What I was saying is if I had not found his links, maybe he would not be as successful as he is now in Journey. Make sense?”

Schon also offered a direct apology to Pineda in another tweet, saying:

I’m sorry if you thought I was taking a dig at you, Arnel. I was not. Just a-holes trying to create problems. Ahh, some just can’t stand to see things going so well with our sell outs night after night. See you tomorrow, bro.”

Despite the recent tensions within the band, Neal Schon’s apology and clarification seem to have put the issue to rest. Fans can hope that the band members will continue to work through their differences and focus on creating music together.