Wolfgang Van Halen Says His Existence Is Enough To Honor Eddie Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen recently joined Audacy Music, discussing his new line of guitars, carrying on Eddie Van Halen‘s legacy, and the best way for him to pay tribute to his late father.

Although he’s not as enthusiastic about greenlighting a Van Halen reunion or covering his father’s music in his Mammoth WVH albums, it might be safe to say that Wolf is on a firm mission to carry on Eddie’s legacy. The rocker has been continuing his dad’s guitar collection, ‘EVH Gear,’ and currently getting ready to release a new line called, ‘SA-126.’

So, when the host asked him about the symbolism behind ‘126,’ a reference to Eddie’s birthday who was born on January 26, the young Van Halen discussed how significant it was for him to pay his respects to his father through these references, even disclosing there were numerous other symbolisms in the upcoming gear that nodded to the guitar icon.

The rocker felt, however, the best way of paying tribute to Eddie wasn’t through these references but by setting his own path as a musician and establishing his own name. Wolf discussed how people often missed out on seeing that his life and career themselves were the best way to celebrate his father, rather than playing and covering a few Van Halen tracks on live shows or albums.

Wolfgang on how important his father is on his projects and the tribute Eddie would have loved:

“It’s [referring to Eddie] very important… he’s the reason why I do what I do. I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for him. That’s [references] certainly very important… I think just doing what I do is enough of a reference and tribute. Just me existing and continuing to be my own person in my own musical space.

I don’t think people realize that me just doing that is enough of a tribute and respect towards the life that he gave me and the interests he instilled in me. I don’t have to play ‘Panama’ in order to respect him, but, yeah, especially with the guitars, his whole line of guitars he made was named after me. It only felt right to sneak as many references to him like instead of an f-hole, it’s an ‘E-hole‘ for Ed and things like that.”

The young rocker had recently received criticism for not playing Van Halen in his shows, but he dismissed those comments by saying that he was determined to establish his path as a rocker and that he didn’t cover VH to hold up his integrity as a solo rocker. So, Wolf is undoubtedly doing his best to honor Eddie through his own discography and by becoming an independent musician.