Paul Stanley’s Remorse About Eric Carr’s Final Wish

Eric Carr worked with KISS as their drummer between 1980 and 1991. After Peter Criss’ departure, he joined the band and decided on the Fox persona and the stage name ‘Eric Carr.’ Besides drumming, Carr contributed to the band’s success by co-writing some songs, playing guitar, bass guitar, and piano, and providing background vocals. However, he was generally excluded and remained in the background as a replacement member.

On November 9, 1990, Carr gave his final live performance with KISS at Madison Square Garden. Due to the unfair treatment he received from his bandmates, Carr was frustrated and unhappy. In 1991, the drummer was diagnosed with heart cancer. After receiving the news, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons replaced him with Eric Singer. Sadly, Carr passed away on November 24, 1991, leaving Paul Stanley remorseful about his final wish.

Why Was Paul Stanley Regretful About Eric Carr’s Last Request?

After his diagnosis, Carr underwent several surgeries to prevent the cancer’s spread. After a recovery period, the drummer asked Stanley and Simmons to let him back in KISS. However, the pair refused because they wanted him to focus on his treatment. While KISS was shooting the music video for ‘God Gave Rock And Roll To You II,’ Carr insisted on appearing in it despite his deteriorating health.

In July 1991, Carr flew to LA. At that time, he was wearing a wig because of hair loss due to chemo. The drummer then returned to New York to continue treatments after the video shoot. His health status was very poor, so he couldn’t play drums for the album titled ‘Revenge.’ Instead, Eric Singer played drums on the tracks. In September 1991, Carr joined KISS at the MTV VMAs, without knowing it was his last public appearance with the band.

Soon after that, Carr was rushed to the hospital after suffering an aneurysm. He then had a brain hemorrhage, which caused him to lose consciousness. Sadly, on November 24, 1991, Carr passed away on the same day as Freddie Mercury. So, his death didn’t attract significant media attention. According to what Paul Stanley wrote in his memoir ‘Face the Music: A Life Unmasked,’ Eric wanted to work on the song ‘God Gave Rock And Roll to You’ before his death.

In his book, Stanley said Carr was in bad condition but wanted to join them for the song. Moreover, the guitarist claimed he told Carr to focus on his health. However, Stanley admitted regretting this because he realized this would be Carr’s last chance to perform. According to the KISS icon, he believed Carr would recover, so Eric Singer played instead of him in the session. Sadly, the drummer’s health deteriorated, and he departed from this world.

Here is what Paul Stanley said about Eric Carr’s wish to play on ‘God Gave Rock And Roll to You’:

“Eric desperately wanted to work on the song, but he was still very frail. ‘You have to pay attention to your health now,’ I told him, ‘whether that means recuperating on a tropical island or just resting and focusing on yourself.’

If I knew then what I know now — I never thought this might be his last chance to perform — I would have let him play, but at the time, I was sure he would beat the odds. So Eric Singer played that session, though Eric Carr came to LA and sat behind the drums for the video shoot. He had lost all his hair from the cancer treatment and had to wear a massive wig to replicate his natural puffball.”

After Carr’s death, Stanley and Simmons’ attitudes toward Carr became the subject of controversy. At his funeral, the two learned that the late musician had labeled them as ‘bad guys.’ So, it seems like Eric Carr wasn’t aware that his bandmates wanted him to prioritize his health over KISS and was still frustrated about their earlier days.