Brian May Says The Virus May Not Even Be Natural, ‘It May Be Man-Made’

Brian May recently contracted Covid-19 and announced the news to his followers on Instagram. His fans were worried about his health, but May seems to be quite optimistic about the situation and explained the source of his optimism in a lengthy caption in his latest post. While he stated his opinions as a scientist with a Ph.D., he mentioned that the virus might be human-generated instead of a natural one.

Going through mutation after mutation, the Covid-19 Virus has become a part of our daily lives now. A lot of people have contracted the virus since its emergence two years ago. A lot of people were affected by the pandemic personally, health-wise, or business-wise. Obviously, it struck the music industry as well because being in crowded places or any types of social gatherings became out of the question.

As soon as the world started getting back to normal following the invention of the Covid-19 vaccine, the most recent variant of the virus, Omicron, scared everyone once again. While some people claim that the vaccine does not protect a person against this variant, there has also been scientific research about how the booster, the third dose of the vaccine, helps the body fight the Omicron variant.

Queen’s Brian May switched to his scientist personality after he contracted the virus and stated why he isn’t afraid of Covid-19 anymore. In his view, as the virus evolves, it learns not to kill the host because if it does, it would be unsuccessful in spreading. This is related to the ‘laws of natural selection,’ and even though he thinks the virus might have been generated by humans in the beginning, it still has to follow the natural selection laws to keep living.

Here is May’s lengthy explanation:

“Why am I cautiously optimistic about Covid? All the present evidence points to the view that in evolving into the Omicron Variant, the coronavirus has become (1) much more efficient at propagating itself, and (2) less efficient at killing its victims. In evolutionary terms, as I understand it, both of these changes are beneficial to the ongoing success of the organism around the planet. The first strains of Covid-19 were unquestionably deadly – we all lost dear friends and relatives.

I quickly lose patience with the deluded souls who call it a ‘fake’ pandemic. Get real. Ask the nurses if it was fake. However, through a number of mutations, this new version has become so successful that it is now or very soon will be the dominant variant in the world. I think that’s a good thing for the virus, and it’s also a good thing for us. Why? What’s not generally understood is that a virus doesn’t have to kill its hosts to be successful. Quite the reverse. If it kills its victims too efficiently they won’t have time to spread the virus.”

He went on to say:

“This is often quoted as the reason that the deadly virus Ebola never became a pandemic. It was contained. But containment was only possible because it killed most of its victims before they had had the chance to infect anyone else. This virus may not even be natural – it may be man-made – but once it’s out there it is subject to the ’laws’ of natural selection like every other organism on Earth. So this direction of evolution of the Covid virus is just what it needs to flourish as a species. But it’s also just what we need – because this means humanity can live with it.

Hopefully, it continues in this direction and becomes just another cold-causing virus. It’s been suggested (search for Prof Marc Van Ranst) – intriguingly – that the pandemic Russian Flu of the 1890s was caused by a coronavirus very similar to Covid 19, and it evolved into one of the common cold viruses still active today. So, just maybe, by next Christmas, we may all find that old ‘normality’ we have been pining for. Let’s pray that the human race will have learned a few lessons by then.”

May is a strong advocate for vaccines, especially the Pfizer vaccine. He had shared an update about his health a couple of days before this post and stated that he started feeling much better after a week and thanked the vaccine for providing the strength he needs to fight the virus off. He also warned people to be careful and take it seriously, so their holidays don’t get spoiled.

You can see May’s photo accompanying the caption below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram