Brian May Gives An Update On His Health Status After Testing Positive For COVID-19


Queen’s Brian May shared a post in his official Instagram account and revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Later on, he updated his health status by saying that he has finally started to feel better on the seventh day of the disease.

It has been reported in many countries that daily coronavirus cases are on the rise once again, especially after the emergence of the Omicron variant. Brian May had previously criticized the anti-vax movements and their supporters, including Eric Clapton, and advocated for the importance of vaccinations.

After recently testing positive, he emphasized the importance of getting vaccinated once again and said that the three Pfizer vaccines he got really helped him get through this challenging situation. In his recent Instagram post, Brian May shared a photo of his positive COVID test and informed everyone that he contracted the coronavirus.

The Queen guitarist stated that he has been feeling horrible for a few days but is now doing okay. He asked his fans not to show him any extra sympathy and reassured them that he will give all the details of his struggle with the virus in the following days. May didn’t forget to warn everyone to be even more careful these days, as they could spoil their Christmas.

Brian May’s IG post read:

“Yep. The shocking day finally came for me. The dreaded double red line. And yes – definitely no sympathy please – it has been a truly horrible few days, but I’m okay. And I will tell the tale. Please take extra care out there, good folks. This thing is incredibly transmissible. You really do not want it messing up your Christmas. With love – Bri”

After he announced his positive result, May used Instagram again to update his health status after many get well wishes. Brian May explained that he’s on his seventh day with COVID and has started to feel stronger. It is seen in the photo that the red lines in his COVID test are weaker now compared to the previous one, so his condition has been improving. May thanked his fans for all the supportive messages at the end of his post.

Here is May’s update on his health status:

“Day 7 – and it seems to me the Covid positive red line is less strong today. So I’m feeling that my immune system, with the enormous help of three Pfizer jabs, is now winning the battle against the invader. So do not be afraid – there IS life after Covid! But do be careful… you do not want this, and neither does your family. Thanks for all your great messages – in spite of my pleas for no sympathy! Much appreciated. And yes… I did promise to tell you the story! Bri”

You can check out the photos Brian May posted below.


Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram