Gene Simmons Says He Still Worships The Idea Of America

During a new interview with Metal Hammer, KISS bassist Gene Simmons addressed the issue of racism that still affects America. Despite the increasing violent incidents due to racism, Simmons thinks there is still hope for America to get better.

Racism is still a hot topic of debate in the United States as the country has a troubled past with it. Although substantial gains were made during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, Black Americans still face the reality of systemic racism in different areas. Discrimination based on race is still a massive problem for many people of color in America.

The recent murder of George Floyd once again sparked these debates and was followed by firstly a nationwide protest, then a worldwide. Huge crowds came together and stood against systemic racism and police brutality. Though ‘Black Lives Matter’ was spotted everywhere upon the rising of the protests, there isn’t much improvement in the country, according to many.

During one of his recent interviews, Gene Simmons also addressed the long-debated issue and stated that America is a racist country. He said that it is also anti-semitic, based on his experiences as a Jewish immigrant. Simmons thinks anything can happen in America as there are no sharp boundaries. That’s also why he still worships the idea of America and still sees hope in the future of the country.

Although he accepted that the United States has racist people, Simmons still believes that the situation will get better in the future. Moreover, the KISS bassist stressed that Martin Luther King significantly contributed to the movement, but there is still a long way. He added that racism has got to end at some point, and they need to find a way to improve the ongoing condition.

Gene Simmons’ words on the systemic racism in the United States:

“Yes, America is racist. Yes, it’s anti-semitic. And yet, here in America, there are no limits. You can have an African American president; you can also have the alternate, a semi-racist, semi-extremist president, but anything’s possible. This is why I still worship the idea of America: it can get better, and it will get better.

People think of Martin Luther King, making great advancements for African Americans and just kind of smashing the door open to deal with it. And you’ve got to deal with this thing. We’ve got to get along and stop treating African Americans, especially so horribly in America. Racism has got to stop.

Gene Simmons dated the Supremes’ Diana Ross back in the day, and during the interview, he also recalled her experiences as an African-American. He remembers that the Supremes had to go to a ‘colored’ hotel as the country was still racially segregated. Regardless of the incidents his former girlfriend had faced, the musician remains optimistic for the future.