Billy Idol’s Self-Sabotage That Almost Ended His Career

Billy Idol opened up about his struggles with addiction in his autobiography, ‘Dancing With Myself,’ in 2014. He shared the effects drugs and alcohol had on his life and career by recalling some incidents they caused.

Following the book’s release in the same year, the singer mentioned them again in an interview with Azcentral. He referred to these struggles as ‘self-destructive’ actions and detailed how they impacted his career path by saying:

“I sort of saddled myself along the way with drug addiction and other things, which at the time seemed par for the course. But I was being very over-the-top about it in a lot of ways and gradually became so drug-addicted that it almost took over my life and almost, at times, destroyed me. That meant it was hurting the music. So I do sort of feel a bit bad about that.”

In 1994, Idol collapsed outside a Los Angeles club due to an overdose and got taken to a hospital. Four years before that, he almost lost his leg in an accident he went through with his motorcycle while under the influence.

Around this period, the singer kept on releasing new music and even shot a music video for ‘Cradle of Love.’ In the 2014 chat, he suggested that his addictions and the incidents following them fed his music in a way. Then, he admitted:

“But at other times, I think it sabotaged it. At the same time, I don’t regret anything because I don’t think there’s any point in that. It makes me glad that I survived all that in one way or another with my faculties intact — or enough to be able to write this book.”

Reportedly, after realizing that his family wouldn’t forgive him if he died of an overdose, Idol gradually stopped taking drugs. According to his words, the singer moved away from hard drugs while he continued to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.