Billy Idol Recalls The Terrifying Accident That Almost Ended His Career

Billy Idol recently joined an interview with Good Morning Britain and recalled the severe motorcycle accident he had that almost brought the end of his music career.

Billy Idol initially gained a reputation in the ’70s as the lead vocalist of Generation X when the punk rock genre emerged in that period. Later, he pursued a solo career and moved to New York in the early ’80s. The vocalist announced his name worldwide and became a lead figure in the rock scene. Idol released his self-titled solo debut album in 1982, in which he had influences from the new wave genre. The record received many positive reviews from music critics.

The rocker’s next studio album, released in 1983, entitled ‘Rebel Yell’ became another commercial success with the hit singles ‘Rebel Yell’ and ‘Eyes Without a Face.’ His achievements continued with upcoming records like ‘Whiplash Smile’ and the 1987 remix album ‘Vital Idol.’

While his success continued non-stop, the successful rocker had a terrifying motorcycle accident in February 1990. One night, a car hit him while he was returning from the studio and caused the steel to be placed in his leg. It was such a severe accident that Idol almost lost his leg.

In a recent conversation, Idol opened up about this incident that affected his life severely when asked about it. The rocker revealed that he considered committing suicide following the happening. Idol said that the accident meant something meaningful and gave him a sign. He also noted for a moment he was not sure if he would lose his leg or not, which might have ended his music career.

Bill Idol responded when asked about the accident:

“I was almost committing suicide. So, I had to get control of myself. The motorcycle accident was a really good example of the bad things that started happening. Because you are a little bit out of your God, so to speak. I badly damaged my leg, which I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep it.”

You can watch the conversation below.