Kurt Cobain’s AI Generated Performance Of Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ Is Released

The late Kurt Cobain returns with an AI-generated cover of Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin.’ Thanks to the amazing advancements in Artificial Intelligence, fans are now able to experience the iconic voice of Cobain singing a song from his wife’s band.

AI developments are taking over the world with people embracing platforms like TikTok and creating art, music, and texts with the ease of a social media post. One of the most entertaining trends lately has been using AI to make beloved artists sing completely unrelated songs. While some artists might not appreciate their voices being used this way, others like Grimes have encouraged fans to use her voice and create something new with AI.

Now, fans have taken it to the next level by using AI to make Kurt Cobain sing his wife Courtney Love’s band’s song ‘Celebrity Skin.’ The cover captures Kurt’s raspy and grunge voice impeccably, making it a perfect fit for the song. It’s worth noting that the song was written by his wife, Courtney Love, and was published by a YouTube channel named FaustoX.

The AI-generated cover of ‘Celebrity Skin’ has left fans of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love both fascinated and impressed. It’s uncanny how there isn’t a single moment in the cover that would make us question its authenticity, except for the fact that we all know Kurt Cobain is long-gone. Of course fans are also very emotional at this development because it’s not everyday you hear the voice of a person who passed away in new ways. They are undoubtedly looking forward to more AI-generated covers from the late singer, as they continue to explore the seemingly limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.