Ted Nugent Recalls The Time He Almost Got Arrested

In a new episode of the Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent talked about the time law enforcement officials came to his house and issued a search warrant for shooting machine guns around his place.

Ted Nugent has never hesitated to state his opinions, especially on political issues. The veteran rocker has always been a strong supporter of hunting and gun ownership in the United States. He is against any strict gun laws that would make it hard for people to acquire guns. The singer also has an extensive gun collection and is a long-time hunter.

During a recent video, he recalled how his gun ownership once brought him trouble in his large hunting area near Jackson, Michigan. The rocker explained that he has a shooting range in Michigan, where the firing of guns is certainly safe because there are no private houses in his range. However, one of his neighbors claimed that Nugent was shooting at their home one day.

Then, law enforcement officials issued a search warrant and came to Nugent’s house to look for his machine guns. However, the rocker claimed that the search warrant was against the law. One of the officials returned the next day and apologized to Nugent. Later, the singer compromised with his neighbor and ensured that the neighbor’s house was out of range. Ted Nugent blamed the officers and the judge for being corrupt and violating their oaths.

Ted Nugent speaking on when the officials came to his home:

“I have a shooting range on my Michigan swamp, and I train with the heroes of the law enforcement military. I qualify there as a sheriff’s deputy. My firing range is perfectly safe, facing due West with a hundred-foot cliff to stop all rounds, and to the West, no homesteads or no dwellings. A random lie from a neighbor claimed that I was shooting machine guns towards his house, which is due South.

Bullets don’t take a left turn; a 90-degree left turn. They made a false accusation, and somehow, some oath violator and somebody that forgot their law enforcement training decided to issue a search warrant, and some judge who lost his soul signed that search warrant, looking for machine guns, unregistered firearms, and all 10-millimeter and .40 caliber ammunition.”

He continued:

“Long story short, they came to my house and demanded all that stuff. They didn’t have a truck big enough to take it but the next day, because that search warrant was illegal, it was improper, and it was against the rule of law; Mickey Mortimer, the DA, came back and apologized.

Then, I had a meeting with my neighbor, and we ascertained that it’s virtually impossible for a round to head his way from my range, but the state trooper that initiated it and the judge were corrupt. They were inept. They were in violation of their oath, and they broke the law, but it scared the hell out of Shemane and me.”

You can watch the entire video below.