Sammy Hagar Recalls Meeting Miles Davis In The Weirdest Way

Sammy Hagar recently discussed how he met Miles Davis in a quiet ‘awkward’ way while talking about how ‘celebrities’ met one another on YouTube. He said:

“So, here’s the deal. People ask me all the time, how it is being a celebrity and meeting people all the time. You know, how do you meet people and do they become friends, how do they become friends? Some become friends and some don’t… But, you meet people in weird ways.”

The rocker continued by recalling how he initially encountered Davis:

“I remember being in a doctor’s office in Malibu, and I walked in and Miles Davis is sitting there, all slumped down in a chair with a guy next to him; and a doctor walks out, tells the next patient to come in. [Then] He [the doctor] goes, ‘Oh Miles, have you met Sammy Hagar?’

However, it seemed that Miles wasn’t as interested in meeting the young rock star:

“And he [Davis] goes, ‘How you doing, young man?’ And I reach down to shake his hand, and he holds onto my hand and I’m going, ‘Whoa, whoa.’ I’m kind of like bending over. So, he has my hand and he grabs it from my other wrist with his other hand and he starts pulling himself up off the couch. I’m, like, a little awkward. He was a little… He really was towards the end of his life.”

Hagar added, recalling how Miles just left without saying much:

“He was very petite. But, at the same time, he had me in a weird angle and I had to step back and get a grip, you know? I pulled him up. And he just gets up, and he shuffles and he [says] ‘Thank you.’ And he went to the doctor’s office, and Dr. Harris is looking at me like, ‘Oh, boy.’ Anyway, we didn’t stay as friends or anything, but I met Miles Davis and he had a firm handshake.”

You can watch Sammy telling the story in the video below.