Nita Strauss Explains Her Real Purpose Behind Joining Demi Lovato

In the middle of getting ready for her solo tour supporting the new album ‘The Call of the Void’ and gearing up for Alice Cooper’s North American dates, Nita Strauss took some time to talk about her 2022 gigs with Demi Lovato. The guitarist revealed what she wanted to achieve when she joined Lovato’s band in a chat with Riff Magazine:

“The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was opening up this gateway to a whole new group of fans to this guitar playing and the style of music that I love so much. … A big part of what we do as musicians is inspire the next generation to pick up a guitar and play. If you are put in this position where you can reach a whole new audience … of younger fans and say, ‘Hey, it’s cool to have a live instrument. It’s cool to be up there, playing real drums, playing bass, playing keys, and doing guitar solos.'”

Delving more into her viewpoint, she added:

“Demi plays a lot of guitar in the show, and she’s a very good rhythm guitar player. For us to get to be up there and be that example for this new generation of kids that might want to step into these shoes and start playing, how can you turn down an opportunity like that?”

Strauss came together with Lovato on stage once again for a song during the latter’s New Jersey show not too long ago this year. According to her recent interviews, she also has plans to collaborate with the singer for new projects soon and join her on a few tour dates. That’s why the Riff interviewer asked the guitarist which side she would choose if they went on tour at the same time, and she answered:

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I don’t think I’m gonna have to choose anybody anytime soon. She does have a couple of shows this year that conflict with Alice dates. So somebody’s going to sub for me on those. But there hasn’t been any discussion of like, ‘Hey, I’m stepping away. You’re gonna have to get somebody else.'”

When Strauss stepped away from Alice Cooper’s autumn tour for Demi Lovato in 2022, Kane Roberts replaced her in the band. The guitarist returned to the band soon after Lovato’s tour ended and worked with Cooper on his new record ‘Road.’