Nikki Sixx Is Still In Danger Of Stalkers, ‘We’re Pushing For Maximum Jail Time’

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe, disclosed through an Instagram post that he and his family have been subjected to alarming threats from a stalker. This woman, whom Sixx has never met, specifically targeted his wife and child with death and bodily harm threats. Sixx noted that the harassment escalated over time, leading to multiple court appearances and restraining orders against her.

Now he made an update on the subject from his X account. He stated:

“New video surveillance footage of stalkers is now being turned over to law enforcement agencies. Considering so many contempt of court counts during these restraining order’s we are pushing for maximum jail time to protect our family.”

Rockstars Dealing With Their Stalkers

It’s normal in the world of celebrities to have some die-hard fans, but as fame grows, so does the interest of problematic people. In the past, we’ve unfortunately covered the news of many rockstars having problems with their stalkers. Noel Gallagher of Oasis made statements about the stalker who followed him for years. David Lee Roth also talked about a stalker who had been harassing him for 7 years. Another stalker kept threatening Dave Grohl that they should die together. But apparently Nikki Sixx has two.

Sixx spoke about the stalker problem he was dealing with in a statement on his social media accounts on November 13th. Rocker added that there was a second stalker who threatened his family. He said:

“Now, another stalker from a different part of the country started doing the same thing, going so far as to travel to my house and threaten our lives again. The FBI is currently investigating. It’s one thing to threaten my safety, but when it comes to serious threats against my wife and children, it just becomes beyond alarming.”

You can read his full stalker statement below.