Ted Nugent Expresses Concern Over Open Border Policy, Alleges Potential Chemical Threat

Ted Nugent recently did a Facebook Live, and during the live stream, he shared why he thinks Uncle Sam, a.k.a the government, has opened the borders. Here’s what the rocker about his theory:

“There is a scourge of chemical warfare facilitated by Uncle Sam through the open borders, communist Chinese to poison Americans and kill us. Uncle Sam has opened the borders, and Greg Abbott has opened the borders. I know you’re putting floaters in the Rio Grande, and you now got somebody here, and you got some cantina while you’re there, but what have you been doing?”

Nugent added that Uncle Sam has stood back as millions came through the borders. He expressed:

“What an embarrassment, what dereliction of duty as he has just let watching not thousands but millions invade our country. Well, we’re going to put some floaters in the real ground you… try to be respectful, but you have to earn respect, and when you refuse to secure my Texas border, you don’t deserve any respect.”

The rocker also called out the Republican Party by saying:

“What a shame the Republican party is full of oath-violating rhinos embarrassing, but anyhow we salute the heroes, and we know that they have a tough job, but they do the best they can, and I will see you on the road.”

As a supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, gun rights, and hunter’s rights, Nugent has made several comments about the state of the government. During a live stream last year, he even shared his emotional morning. He said:

“I cried very emotionally this morning because, since World War II, the corrupt, demonic, power-abusing oath violating Uncle Sam’s military, industrial, and congressional complex has sent good American warriors to their death for no damn reason at all.”

You can watch Ted Nugent’s recent live stream and the one he did last year below.