Oasis’ Noel Gallagher Shares Bizarre Details About His Stalker Who Followed Him For Years

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher recently spoke about a woman trying to talk to him and be with him as she stalked him throughout the cities. The Oasis star stated that he eventually had to get the police involved.

Noel Gallagher usually makes headlines due to his public fights with his brother Liam Gallagher on social media. Although the duo signed off to a promising career start by forming Oasis, their relationship caused the band’s demise. The brothers are still fighting, and their disputes become public conversation most of the time.

Their controversies were also carried to the stage when they were still performing as Oasis. The Gallagher brothers even had a physical fight in front of an entire audience when Liam changed the words of a song and replaced them with offensive language to his brother and Americans on tour. In 2009 the band split, never to reunite due to the duo’s disputes.

Noel continued to create music as a solo artist and founded the band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. He released three albums with the band, performing as a lead singer. Throughout his career filled with music, albums, and touring, the singer recently spoke about a crazy incident that occurred to him during gigs.

He stated that there was a fan he had met in one of the autograph moments and spoke to her. Later, she kept coming to his gigs one after another, and one day he had to get the police involved. She tried to seduce him by gestures, and she even went up to his hotel room once. Noel didn’t open the door but instead sat on the bed and called his security guard. It was challenging to get her out of the hotel, but she waited for him at the cafe across the street.

Here is the crazy incident as told by Noel:

“I was signing things for fans after a gig, and I spoke to her, and then I noticed her at the next gig and then the gig after that, and she started trying to get backstage. Once I was in Belgium, and I had to get the police involved. This stalker has been at every gig, and she goes to the front, and she does all these suggestive hand movements. It’s weird, this ‘come to me’ sex stuff. I get back to the hotel, and there’s this knock on the door, and it’s this girl. I recognize her by looking through the little peephole; as she keeps knocking she’s getting more irate.

So I text my security guard. I hear my security come, and there’s an altercation outside. They’re fighting, and I’m sitting on the end of the bed with a little tub of Pringles eating while she gets carted off by the hotel security, and then the police come to the hotel. They were like, ‘We can only move her outside, but she’s still waiting.

Do you want us to do anything?’ I was like, ‘Nah, she’ll be gone in the morning.’ So the security guard stayed outside the hotel room all night. In the morning, I was having a laugh with my guard going, ‘What was all that about?’ He said, ‘She’s in the cafe across the street.’ She was sat in the window doing the same suggestive hand movements.”

This stalker wasn’t the first time Noel was exposed to close contact with a fan. Even though it seems like this woman was attracted to him and wanted to be with him, in 2008, he had a fan attack him and break three of his ribs. Currently, he is married to Sara McDonald and has two sons.