Nikki Sixx Challenges Tech Giants On Stalker Harassment

Nikki Sixx has been claiming through Twitter for some time that his family is being harassed by a ‘stalker.’ Despite filing official complaints and ongoing court proceedings, he continues to voice the same grievances on social media.

Today, he brought the issue to the forefront again with a statement on Twitter, drawing attention to the need for Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, to implement sanctions related to harassment. He said:

“Does anybody else feel Meta should be liable for allowing stalkers to harass my (any) family by using their platform and not policing it, leaving it up online for browsing even after death threats? Who does the responsibility fall on if something happened beyond emotional assault?”

Fan Reactions Are Looking From The Different Perspective

In response to a fan’s comment that the likelihood of Meta facing sanctions is low, and highlighting the attitude of CEOs of major tech companies in this matter, he said:

“Unfortunately Zuckerberg and Musk have the money to fight any suit brought against them with regards to their platforms and the damage they cause.”

Sixx replied:

“But what about peoples lives?”

Additionally, Sixx agreed with another fan’s comment:

“In today’s world social platforms are the bullhorns of society. Most tragedies that occur are connected somehow to the perpetrators’ posts. Safe guards need to be in place to flag questionable or ‘off’ rhetoric. Proactive. Not reactive.”

You can see the source tweet below.