Mike Shinoda Announces The Release Date Of His First Track Produced Live On Twitch

Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda took his official Instagram account to share a new post and announced the release of his first track produced live on his Twitch account.

As you might remember, Mike started to make live streams on social media such as Facebook and Instagram after the coronavirus outbreak and self-quarantine started. However, he couldn’t find any features on these platforms.

Later on, he decided to move on to Twitch and started to make better content in there. In these live streams, Mike is showing how to produce or make songs and interacting with his community all the time while doing so.

During these streams, Mike produced Chris Kelly’s ‘Bittersweet’ song live, and finally, he announced the release date of this song, which is February 26, 2021. Also, it is the first track he produced live on his official Twitch account.

Here is what Mike Shinoda wrote:

“The first track produced live on my Twitch channel already has a release date. Swipe up to pre save Bittersweet by Chris Kelly.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Mike Shinoda – Instagram