Sammy Hagar Celebrates The 35th Anniversary Of Van Halen’s ’5150’ Album By Recalling Some Beautiful Memories

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar posted a video of Van Halen members prepared by his friend on Instagram in order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the band’s iconic album, ‘5150.’

As you may know, Hagar has been the lead singer of Van Halen between the years 1985 and 1996. He recorded four studio albums with the band and one of them, ‘Balance,’ was allegedly the cause of his departure from Van Halen.

During the period of ‘Balance’s release Sammy Hagar and Eddie and Alex Van Halen were allegedly in an ongoing conflict. They had some disagreements about the songs in the album following by a medical issue regarding Sammy’s pregnant wife. Following their argument on the incident, Hagar was fired from the band. However, Eddie claimed that Sammy was the one who left the band.

Prior to his departure from Van Halen, Hagar contributed some of the most successful albums of the band, such as the ‘5150’ album. Van Halen’s seventh studio album, ‘5150,’ was released in 1986, which was named after Eddie’s iconic 5150 Studios. The album was famous for its love songs and ballads which was quite different than the style of the David Lee Roth era.

Known as Van Halen’s first album not involving instrumentals, ‘5150’ was also the band’s first album to top Billboard 200 list. Following the release of the album, the band started to perform solely from the ‘5150’ album along with Sammy’s solo records since he didn’t enjoy singing the songs from the Roth era. Now that the iconic album of the band turned 35 years old, the surviving band members and their fans all around the world have been celebrating the success of ‘5150’ by sharing their memories related to the album on social media platforms.

Recently on Instagram, Sammy Hagar shared a video prepared by his friend which showed some beautiful memories of his time in Van Halen. In the caption of his post, Hagar stated that the pictures were possibly from their show in Europe. He also mentioned that when he listened to his voice he felt the sincerity that reminded him of the beautiful memories he had about the amazing solos Eddie Van Halen played night after night.

Here is what Sammy Hagar wrote in the caption of his video:

“Today we’re celebrating 35 years since the release of ‘5150’!

A friend of mine sent me this clip, I believe from a show in Europe? When I listened to the sincerity in my voice, it sure brought back some beautiful memories of sitting on the side of the stage, having a nice cold one, and listening to the man himself play some amazing solos, night after night.

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