New Foo Fighters Drummer Feels Pressure With Dave Grohl

After joining the Foo Fighters in 2023, drummer Josh Freese opened up about his experiences playing alongside Dave Grohl. In his recent Instagram post, he touched upon what challenged him most while playing with the Foos frontman.

In the post, Freese shared a video where Grohl is seen playing guitar, engaging with him through playful faces. Explaining how he felt at that moment, the drummer wrote:

“Yes, I love referencing Nine Inch Nails’s ‘You Know What You Are’ in the middle jam section of ‘Breakout’ every night. Yes, it’s fun having one of the world’s greatest drummers make faces at me while I’m sweating and digging in. And yes, I know I messed up towards the end of the double bass/Slayer section.

That’s partly why, at the end of it (during the cool-down section), I hit the 4 Snare/crashes in a row. After all that, I have to waver/flub getting out of it. It’s the musical equivalent of yelling ‘goddamnit!'”

Before joining Foo Fighters, Freese performed live with Nine Inch Nails. In another Instagram post, he recalled a moment during his third show with Foo Fighters in Columbus, Ohio, where he spontaneously inserted a reference from a Nine Inch Nails song that Grohl had recorded. The gesture did not go unnoticed, with Grohl clearly recognizing and appreciating the nod.

Freese’s Previous Remarks About Playing With Grohl

The transition from playing with NIN to Foos might seem daunting to some, but Freese found the experience more inspiring than nerve-wracking. He mentioned the sheer fun of playing behind Grohl, describing the guitarist as both inspiring and enjoyable to collaborate with:

“By the way, playing drums behind one of the world’s greatest guitarists is a total trip. Surprisingly not nerve-wracking but really just inspiring and fun. And that’s the truth, Ruth.”

Freese’s addition to Foo Fighters came after the passing of Taylor Hawkins. Prior to this, he had already shared the stage with the band during tribute concerts for Hawkins. The official announcement of Freese joining the band was made during the ‘Preparing Music For Concerts’ livestream.

Foo Fighters’ Current Endeavors

The Foos continue to be active, with the release of their eleventh studio album, ‘But Here We Are,’ on June 2, 2023. Described as an emotionally charged response to the past year’s events, the album includes the lead single ‘Rescued.’

Fans can catch the band live as they continue their tour, with their next performance scheduled for October 26 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Further shows are lined up in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK in the upcoming year.