Foo Fighters Announce New Drummer

When Dave Grohl hinted that their recent livestream event would feature a few surprises, fans were all ears, but they didn’t expect to meet the new addition to the band’s lineup. That’s right; in a thrilling revelation during the ‘Preparing Music For Concerts’ livestream, the Foos introduced their new drummer, Josh Freese.

May 24 approaches, and the Foo Fighters are set to hit the road again, starting with a concert in New Hampshire. But the question had been buzzing in the air: Who would be taking up the role of the drummer, filling in the gap left by Hawkins’ untimely passing? Would Dave Grohl double down and handle both frontman and drumming duties? All these speculations were put to rest during the band’s recent ‘Preparing Music for Concerts‘ live stream, as the answer turned out to be Josh Freese.

The livestream event was brimming with anticipation, and adding to the excitement, several iconic drummers made appearances. They walked into the room, one after another, each making comedic cameos and fueling fans’ expectations. Yet, it was Josh Freese who emerged as the new drummer just before the band kicked off their performance.

This wasn’t Freese’s first appearance with the Foo Fighters. He had already played with the band during the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts last year, making his transition into the group feel somewhat familiar yet still thrilling. Below, you can watch the part of the live stream where the Foos introduced Josh Freese as the new addition to their lineup.