Neal Schon Reveals Steve Perry’s Lawsuit Withdrawal Over Journey Trademark

Following his long-lasting war of words with Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon recently received good news: Steve Perry dropped his lawsuit over Journey trademarks. However, he didn’t forget to take a jab at Cain even while celebrating his victory and sharing the news with fans on Twitter.

So much for Jonathan Cain trying to throw me under the bus,” Neal Schon announced the news for his fans in his tweet. “As he claimed, I was blatantly trying to rip off Steve Perry while collecting the checks for the very diligent work my wife and I did to protect our Merch. Time for coffee.”

Although Neal Schon posted the legal papers along with this tweet, one of his fans wanted to ensure that Steve Perry withdrew the lawsuit. After being asked whether Perry dropped the suit, Neal Schon said, “Yes, he did. Now we can talk as we were.”

In September 2022, Steve Perry filed a petition to prevent Schon and Cain from owning the merchandise trademarks of some Journey hits, such as ‘Anyway You Want It,’ ‘Separate Ways,’ ‘Wheel In The Sky,’ ‘Open Arms,’ and ‘Stone In Love.’ In the lawsuit, Perry argued the two registered 20 of their songs for commercial use without his consent.

When the news reached Neal Schon, he fired back at Steve Perry by dubbing his claim as a ‘bunch of total crap’ and saying jealousy is a real sickness. After Jonathan Cain’s recent accusation claiming Schon and his wife were to blame for Journey’s current financial state, it seems the guitarist found a way to slam Cain with Perry’s withdrawal.