Neal Schon On Steve Perry’s Lawsuit Against Journey, ‘Jealousy Is A Real Sickness’

Journey’s Neal Schon recently shared a post on his official Twitter account and harshly commented on Steve Perry‘s decision to sue the band.

Starting with a case opened by Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain against Ross Valory and Steve Smith in 2020, Journey has remained in the headlines with its internal conflicts in recent years. As it was reported a few days ago, this time, the band’s former lead vocalist Steve Perry filed a petition against his former bandmates Schon and Cain over the trademarks of 20 Journey songs.

Perry claimed in his petition that Schon and Cain filed to register some of the band’s biggest hits for commercial purposes without his consent. Following the incident, Neal Schon fired back at Perry on his social media accounts over the issue. The guitarist called the claim a ‘bunch of total crap‘ and said his aim was to protect the band by acting to register.

Apparently, this response was not enough for Schon. The musician recently targeted Steve Perry in a new Twitter post. Neal Schon wrote that sometimes ’emotions get the better of you,’ but this has unpleasant consequences. Then, he brought the subject to music and described jealousy as a ‘real sickness.’ It seems clear that he was targeting Perry’s recent legal action against the band. The guitarist thinks that the frontman is overwhelmed by his emotions, causing him to make a false move.

Neal Schon’s Twitter post read:

“Sometimes your emotions get the better of you, but like anything that’s funky, you lose it, and it all disappears – forever music, back to the music. Jealousy is a real sickness.”

You can check out the tweet below.