The Mötley Crüe Albums Mick Mars Called ‘Big Disappointments’

Mötley Crüe members went through challenging times during the early ’90s, which lasted almost a decade because they couldn’t settle their personal problems. Everything started when their frontman Vince Neil became addicted to alcohol and couldn’t participate in the studio sessions. This caused a crisis between him and the other members, eventually leading to his departure in 1992. 

John Corabi replaced Neil, and a short time later, they dropped the self-titled album that was a commercial failure. Also, most fans reacted to the lineup changes and criticized Corabi’s vocal performance. Therefore, Mötley Crüe’s manager Allen Kovac and Neil’s manager Bert Stein decided to meet and leave the past issues behind. That meant that Corabi’s time in the band had ended, and they wanted to reunite with Neil. During those years, the band created and released two albums that the guitarist Mick Mars never approved.

Mick Mars Wasn’t Satisfied With Two Mötley Crüe Records

After their singer Neil’s return to the band, Mötley Crüe worked on and shared their seventh studio album, ‘Generation Swine,’ on June 24, 1997. Even though the vocalist’s reunion with the band made their longtime fans happy and excited, the record met neither their nor music critics’ expectations. In addition, it was known as the last record to feature the founding member Tommy Lee before he left.

In 1999, Lee parted ways with Mötley Crüe to pursue a solo career, and the band hired former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo. They recorded the follow-up work ‘New Tattoo’ with him, but it couldn’t achieve critical acclaim either. This incident can be seen as another message from the fans that they wanted the original members back together.

In his conversation with Guitar World, Mick Mars recalled their early years in which they kept playing the same tracks from best-selling albums such as ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and ‘Dr. Feelgood’ during their tours. The guitarist stated that these performances and dropping greatest hits albums couldn’t continue forever. However, their later works, ‘Generation Swine’ and ‘New Tattoo,’ turned into big disappointments for the band members and fans.

As a result, Mötley Crüe members decided to create a modern rock record without losing their unique style of writing and composing. That mindset’s product was their ninth album, ‘Saints of Los Angeles.’ The most notorious band in the world gained success and popularity once again thanks to their latest work, and they have not released a new album ever since.

Here’s what Mars said:

“We’d been going out and doing the same thing over and over again, releasing greatest-hits albums and playing all the classic
songs on tour. That gets old. We had done ‘Generation Swine’ and ‘New Tattoo,’ but truthfully, those were big disappointments for us and our fans.

So we decided, You know what? It’s time for us to sit down and concentrate. We need to do a real modern-sounding rock record but still be Mötley Crüe about it and show people how we’ve progressed as a band and as songwriters.”

You can listen to the albums Mars disapproved below.